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About MotoSchützen

A Yearly Meetup for the Hunting and Shooting Industry


It’s a week-long gathering of manufacturers from the Hunting and Shooting industry along with a dozen writers and editors from the major outdoor publications.  Each day is split between testing new products for the shooting sports and riding motorcycles on some of the best roads and dirt trails in the United States.


In previous years, the MotoSchützen has been held in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Texas, and Tennessee.  Some of the fun has included driving Sherman tanks, riding the Tail of the Dragon, fly fishing in the Salmon River, ultra-long-range shooting in Utah, and sightseeing on the legendary YO Ranch, to name just a few.  We have been able to shoot and test the newest products from all of our sponsors with the sponsors receiving more than 50 mentions or articles featuring their products.

Six Years and Counting

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